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Since 2004, our people at WATTCCON have quietly been taking robust technical investment decisions that will ensure access to clean drinking and industrial process water, without the slightest compromise.

Our daily goal since then, has been to raise continuously, the quality bar for clean water delivery, so that millions of Nigerians will prosper and live a truly healthy life. We are so committed to this goal because, Clean Water Is Life......

Our business is driven by impeccable attention to our people, customer value delivery, technology and a strong corporate social responsibility culture.

Welcome to the future of water in Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region.

Sodium Hypochlorite from WATTCCON's GE CLOROMAT Plant in Kaduna, Nigeria

Our 40,000 liters per day Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine Bleach at 15% strength) manufacturing plant will come on stream in 2015. Using the GE Water & Process Technologies USA and CEC Engineers Japan patented Chloromat Membrane cell technology, this $12,000,000 investment will be the pioneer Sodium Hypochlorite plant in West Africa, to be located in Kaduna using the friendliest process in terms of Health, Safety and Environmental impact. The march towards elimination of hazardous chlorine gas and powder starts with our Cloromat plant. The plant is being financed by WATTCCON, GE Capital, US Exim Bank and Fidelity Bank PLC., with equipment from GE Water & Process Technologies USA and CEC Engineers Japan.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Chemical Supplies and Engineering Services

WATTCCON Chemical & Equipment Marketing Co Ltd., is our subsidiary EPC Company delivering world class water treatment chemical and equipment procurement, installation and operation services to provide clients spaning manufacturing industries, oil & gas operations, private and state water utilities, government ministries, departments and agencies.

BOO-BOOT-BOT And Utilities Management Contract Services

WATTCCON also offers water utility management services, BOO, BOOT and BOT concession contracts for potable water treatment with pre-paid metering for residential developers, water utilities and industries of capacities ranging from 0.5 million to 100 million liters per day. Our equipment technology partners are GE Water & Process Technologies USA., PWC Canada, SPCO Pumps Switzerland and Universal Metering UK

Borehole Drilling Services

WATTCCON Drilling Servicses was established to fill the gap in the qualitative and efficient borehole drilling services market. It shall deploy reliable Drilling Rigs, Air Compressors and Auxiliary Equipment to achieve high services standards for on-time delivery of water boreholes in sedimentary and hard granitic formations. The companyl engages highly professional and competent Geologists, Geophysicists and Drillers to meet its objectives of 1000 successful water boreholes per year

Ghana Operations

WATTCCON Chemical & Equipment (Ghana) Ltd. is registered in Ghana to carry on all the water and waste water equipment and chemical business of WATTCCON in all its ramifications, led by a resident director Mr Christian Kwashie who anchors for us from Tema and Accra Ghana, covering the West African states outside Nigeria.


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